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“I want to give a personal recommendation to Take One videos.  I came out, had a great time, got to do a video shoot for my corporate video . . . had a blast!  The thing I like about Terry, I called him in the morning, and he said, “Come on out!”  He didn’t put me off. I found that to be really good.  He’s got a great studio here  - really was an enjoyable experience and I recommend him highly.”

Dave Deib – CEO - US Web Authority

“I just completed a video with Terry Larson of Take One Videos.  I want to tell you it was a great experience, very professionally done, and a pleasure to work with.  All the details taken care of, and a very, very good experience overall. I believe this is going to be a very productive venture for me, and I totally plan to do more videos with Terry and Take One videos.”  Suzanne Ford - Licensed investment Advisor

“I have to take a moment to tell you about the relationship I’ve formed with Terry Larson.  He has helped me with all the videos I do with my practice.  I also speak all over the world on various topics, lecturing, training . . . Terry has been with me all the way through the process.  It is such a nice thing to know that Terry’s in the background shooting all of these things and they’re bound to come out beautiful in quality, in color and in value.  Everything will be perfect every time because Terry always nails it.  I love that!  So it works for me because he ends up having this whole . . . production that comes out, lights everywhere, it’s just amazing!  I know he’s shooting me from different angles, and he hits so purposely the aspect that I want to emit through my video.  I’m excited to be a part of what Terry does.  I can’t even tell you enough how much I recommend him for all of your video needs.  He’s able to really nail it every time, and I really appreciate that!”

 Dr. Trent Smallwood, D.D.S.  Contemporary Dental

“I would certainly recommend Take One Videos.  It’s been a pleasure working with Ginny and Terry.  They’ve just done an outstanding job for us.  We look forward to posting the videos on line.  It’s a tremendous resource to get your business name out there, and for any other type of promotion you want to do.  It’s absolutely been a pleasure.  We want to encourage everyone to take a look at Take One Videos, and see what they can do for you, and how professional of a company they are.”

Lou Provenzano- Surprise Businessman

“Terry came to my office and filmed quite a few videos for me.  It was such an amazing experience.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  The thought of seeing myself on video, and even going through that process, was frightening to me.  But Terry really put my mind at ease and I knew everything was going to be taken care of.  He’s extremely professional, on time, and I am confident that everything is going to be great.”    Dani Gardener -  Profound Financial  

“I just finished being the star in my own video, courtesy of Terry and Ginny Larson, of Take One Videos.  It was really a fun experience, and the quality of the video was really exceptional.  I’m so excited to put this on my website and really get some traffic going, with terrific videos, easily shot.  It took less than a morning, and was a great experience.  I really encourage you to give it a shot!”

June Van Valkenburg- Life Couch and Certified Dream Room facilitator

“We have utilized a large number of videographers over the years.  We have just completed our national conference.  Terry has done the best job ever of a videographer that we’ve used.  He was professional, inconspicuous, and we didn’t feel like we were on camera.  It was a fabulous job and very professional.  I would strongly recommend Mr. Larson to anybody who is in need of professional videography services.”  Carl Mudd – President, CEO of Derma Care

“We are shooting our first video!  It’s been a great experience for us.  We had a great time meeting Terry and working with him.  We are very happy with the results that we received today.  And it‘s a lot of fun, too!  If you’re looking for someone to help, please give Terry a call.  He’ll do an excellent job for you.”

Steve and June Van Valkenburg
(Terry having fun with a client!)

“I want to give a huge testimonial to Terry Larson of Take One videos.  He’s on time, every time, has phenomenal equipment, he always does a phenomenal job, he has a lot of fun with our clients and customers, and they always walk away from that video shoot feeling very satisfied with everything that he’s done.  They make lots of money – they do!  Everytime!  This man is money!  So use him, Terry Larson with Take One Videos, because he will put the cha-ching! back in your business!!  Corey Michael  Sanchez – Mojo Video Marketing

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